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Board of Directors

Paul Schwartz


Phone: 407-202-7139

Chris Pedrinan

Vice President

Phone: 321-331-2270

Jacqueline Koontz

Director of Operations, VP of Jr/Sr & Ocoee Parks & Rec Advisory Board

Phone: 321-276-9250

Amanda Click


Phone: 321-695-9059

April Robinson

Secretary & Website/Facebook

Phone: 321-277-3310

Chris Adkins

Assistant Chief Umpire

Phone: 407-304-9265

Jessica Allen

Central Concession Assistant

Phone: 321-438-2286

Tim Click

Assistant Equipment Mgr

Phone: 321-438-4379

Crissy Froebig

Promotions Mgr

Phone: 321-355-0606

LJ Froebig

VP of Majors

Phone: 407-259-9249

Dennis Gray

VP of Minors

Phone: 407-212-1024

Stacie Hardy

Pictures/Trophies Mgr

Phone: 859-992-4241

Tom Hardy

VP of Rookies

Phone: 859-816-8161

Stephenie Patterson

Team Mom Cooridinator

Phone: 407-383-6102

Tina Pedigo

Sorenson Concession Mgr

Phone: 407-325-5713

Jennifer Pedrinan

VP of T-Ball

Phone: 321-331-2137

Jay Pennock

Equipment Mgr

Phone: 772-708-8351

John Singh

Concession Mgr

Phone: 201-376-7121

Roxanne Simpson

Safety Mgr

Phone: 706-304-8956